Monday, September 13, 2010

Today's post

First let me start with a disclaimer...the following picture, nails and design is not mine.  I do not claim it.  I just fell in love with it and wanted to share it here.  I fell in love with the colors used and this person's obvious artistic talent because this design is hand painted.  I do not recall where online I found this picture and I regret that because this person deserves recognition for their art.  I wish I could paint on such small canvases and have it turn out so perfectly.  I aspire to be this good some day.  The acrylics themselves are perfect....the shape and thickness...then that great design is added and to me it is...perfection.  Thanks for stopping by to look.  Hope everyone has a great day.  :o)  
tropical painted acrylic design

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nails, Inc. colors....................

Today I have some swatches of Nails, Inc. shade Jermyn Street.  My British mother-in-law (God Bless Her and the Queen) sent me a wonderful collection of Nails, Inc. polishes for my birthday in July and I just can't thank her enough!  I know how expensive they are and had planned on buying a couple at a time and had asked her if she'd be willing to get them for me and ship them if I sent her the money....and the next thing you know I had a huge box of gorgeous, creamy Nails, Inc. polishes delivered to my door just in time for my birthday!  It truly was sooooo thoughtful of her.   So I will be swatching them and posting the pics here as I wear them.  Sometimes the swatches may be of my daughter's nails, as she loves all things nails too.  :o)  "The apple doesn't fall from the tree"

So today's Nails,Inc color is Jermyn Street.  I love this creamy. mocha, sorts mauvey, purpley (is mauvey and purpley real words?) color.  Of course it is swatched on my acrylics.  It looks very chocolatey like a cake batter in the shade pics to me, but when I looked at in the sun there was a purpley, mauvey look to it.   It covered well, only two coats were needed.  And let me just say that my acrylics underneath are not just plain clear.  I have a holo glitter/mylar encapsulated on them so for Jermyn Street to cover that in two coats is impressive to me.   My top coat on these pics is actually nail tek II, a product to build and strengthen one's natural nails, but I use it sometimes as a top coat because it dries pretty quickly and stays shiny.  I prefer Seche Vite though, but I'm out of it at the mo.  I took pics outside in sun and shade.  I will say right now as an FYI that I do not know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to picture taking of nails like other more experienced bloggers so please keep your expectations low.  :o)  I hope they are enjoyed. (Oh yeah, I will apologize now for my dry, ratty cuticles....forgot to oil them)

Jermyn Street in shade     
Jermyn Street in shade
Jermyn Street full sun

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

more designs and colors I've had this summer

yellow glitter and mylar with nail art painted on top. 

Again, creme orange with Fairy Dust on top.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fairy dust !

This was taken to show the thickness of the acrylic.  I don't like my acrylics super thick and I find they are just as durable when thinner

This is just an orange polish with 1 coat of CG Fairy Dust over top of it.

yellow mylar design with nail art
Can't remember this nail polish color or brand but the acrylics underneath were just clear

It's been a long time...

pink and yellow glitter acrylic with mylar
Acrylics with red polish
blue mylar acrylics
Blue mylar acrylics
Pink mylar acrylics
pink and gold-like colored mylar acrylics
Blue mylar acrylics
These were actually white tipped acrylics which I painted over with Nails Inc color "Berkeley Street"
...since my last post (almost a year!) because I had thought that blogging wasn't for me. I sincerely enjoy following blogs....mostly nail blogs really but when it came to being disciplined enough to blog myself on a regular basis...well it just wasn't me. Also from what I've seen at other blogs there seems to be a "blogging world" that I know nothing about as far as like contests and giveaways and things like that and I'm just not sure how that stuff works. But,well I think I'm going to give another stab at this blogging thing. One reason is because I have gotten more involved on a personal level with doing acrylic nails and have taken pics of my work and my teenage daughter has encouraged me to post those pics as I go along. She thinks others may be interested in seeing what I do so there will be pics of my acrylics from now on as I do them. I would like to get into doing others nails too but it's slow going. Another reason to renew my blog is I discovered that I actually have one follower! How cool. So if anyone is interested then please come back. I look forward to what the future holds.  Please leave your comments regarding your thoughts of the above pics.  Please keep in mind I'm not a professional nail tech but am interested in others thoughts of my work.    Thank you.