Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's been a long time...

pink and yellow glitter acrylic with mylar
Acrylics with red polish
blue mylar acrylics
Blue mylar acrylics
Pink mylar acrylics
pink and gold-like colored mylar acrylics
Blue mylar acrylics
These were actually white tipped acrylics which I painted over with Nails Inc color "Berkeley Street"
...since my last post (almost a year!) because I had thought that blogging wasn't for me. I sincerely enjoy following blogs....mostly nail blogs really but when it came to being disciplined enough to blog myself on a regular basis...well it just wasn't me. Also from what I've seen at other blogs there seems to be a "blogging world" that I know nothing about as far as like contests and giveaways and things like that and I'm just not sure how that stuff works. But,well I think I'm going to give another stab at this blogging thing. One reason is because I have gotten more involved on a personal level with doing acrylic nails and have taken pics of my work and my teenage daughter has encouraged me to post those pics as I go along. She thinks others may be interested in seeing what I do so there will be pics of my acrylics from now on as I do them. I would like to get into doing others nails too but it's slow going. Another reason to renew my blog is I discovered that I actually have one follower! How cool. So if anyone is interested then please come back. I look forward to what the future holds.  Please leave your comments regarding your thoughts of the above pics.  Please keep in mind I'm not a professional nail tech but am interested in others thoughts of my work.    Thank you.

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  1. You do a great job on YOUR acrylics! What are "mylar" ? These are just gorgeous.Very blingy!