Tuesday, July 12, 2011

new sculpted nails

So I've been trying my hand at sculpted nails.  For those that are not familiar with this process it's where a removable nail form is used instead of a glue on tip to form your nails.  I did ours in acrylic but I've seen it done with gels as well.  This past weekend I did my daughter's and myself using a combo of Organic Nails Products and the Rock Star nails glitter mixes with some decorations thrown in from Designer Nail Supply.  I've been watching tutorials on You Tube of Organic Nails educators and they just do the most fantastically gorgeous designs!  If you haven't seen them I highly recommend you go look for them on YT.  I've learned some great techniques from them as well as tutorials from Greg at Young Nails (also on YT).  So like I said I tried my hand this weekend on me and my daughter's and I'm pleased.  What do you think?
my nails

my daughter's

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Acrylic powder mini haul

Recently I purchased some summery glitter acrylics from TheRockStarnails.com website.
They are called "Rainbow Brights" I believe.  I love these colors.  I watched her video on You Tube (I recommend her You Tube channel !) and had to get these colors and try them.  Along with the powders I ordered her impression tools:  the heart and star (which are basically a heart and star earring.  Below are a few pics of the nails I have done with them.  Also I recently got some glow in the dark powders from a website called "Ready set glo".  They are so cool.  Glow in the dark acrylic powders are becoming more common on many sites  but I decided to make my own because It's less expensive and the amounts I received will last forever because very little is needed when incorporating them into your acrylics.  You can see in the pics of them that I used a quarter in the pic as a sizse reference.  I will be showcasing the glow nails in the future, but the glow powders themselves are in pics below along with pics of the Rainbow bright colors as I received them and then as they are on nails.
glow in the dark powders: yellow, pink and aqua (Aqua is virtually clear on the nail)

glow powders

rainbow colors from the Rock Star nails website.  She also sent me twilight stickers as a little gift

Rainbow colors: orange, pink, violet, yellow, green, blue

nails with the rainbow colors and some imprinting

rainbow bright nails

Until next time

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New electric drill

I received my new drill a couple of months ago and have used it several times and love it.  It's nice and powerful and easy to work with.  I ordered it on Ebay and it came to me from Hong Kong.  It cost me approx. $65.  Included with it were a package of many different sized drill bits and three packages of different grade sanding bands. I am disappointed that the reverse setting has stopped working already though.  For that reason I am contacting the seller and going to try to get a refund or a new one.  I will follow up here with the results of that.  Below are pictures of the drill.  

Until next time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ooooooh...Kaleidescope nails

Hey all.  I know, I know....it's been forever....again!  I fully own the fact that I'm an unorthodox blogger.  I only do it when the mood strikes and it hasn't struck for many months.  While those months were passing by I was trying to aid my natural nails to recovery as they had become very broken down due to my enhancements.  I have done no enhancements whatsoever since Christmas.  It was really difficult not to do my fake nails but I had to let my natural nails recuperate.  I took Biotin and vitamins and moisturized and oiled and although the nail beds are much better the nails still aren't growing like I want them to so I did a set of acrylics the other day.  I think with Spring coming, the warm weather etc. it put me in the mood.  Also I was able to open windows to ventilate (due to the monomer).  I used a mix of different colored small hex glitters on the tips.  Here's a few pics of my Nails Of The Moment (NOTM).  Whatcha' think?