Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ooooooh...Kaleidescope nails

Hey all.  I know, I know....it's been forever....again!  I fully own the fact that I'm an unorthodox blogger.  I only do it when the mood strikes and it hasn't struck for many months.  While those months were passing by I was trying to aid my natural nails to recovery as they had become very broken down due to my enhancements.  I have done no enhancements whatsoever since Christmas.  It was really difficult not to do my fake nails but I had to let my natural nails recuperate.  I took Biotin and vitamins and moisturized and oiled and although the nail beds are much better the nails still aren't growing like I want them to so I did a set of acrylics the other day.  I think with Spring coming, the warm weather etc. it put me in the mood.  Also I was able to open windows to ventilate (due to the monomer).  I used a mix of different colored small hex glitters on the tips.  Here's a few pics of my Nails Of The Moment (NOTM).  Whatcha' think?