Sunday, July 10, 2011

Acrylic powder mini haul

Recently I purchased some summery glitter acrylics from website.
They are called "Rainbow Brights" I believe.  I love these colors.  I watched her video on You Tube (I recommend her You Tube channel !) and had to get these colors and try them.  Along with the powders I ordered her impression tools:  the heart and star (which are basically a heart and star earring.  Below are a few pics of the nails I have done with them.  Also I recently got some glow in the dark powders from a website called "Ready set glo".  They are so cool.  Glow in the dark acrylic powders are becoming more common on many sites  but I decided to make my own because It's less expensive and the amounts I received will last forever because very little is needed when incorporating them into your acrylics.  You can see in the pics of them that I used a quarter in the pic as a sizse reference.  I will be showcasing the glow nails in the future, but the glow powders themselves are in pics below along with pics of the Rainbow bright colors as I received them and then as they are on nails.
glow in the dark powders: yellow, pink and aqua (Aqua is virtually clear on the nail)

glow powders

rainbow colors from the Rock Star nails website.  She also sent me twilight stickers as a little gift

Rainbow colors: orange, pink, violet, yellow, green, blue

nails with the rainbow colors and some imprinting

rainbow bright nails

Until next time

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