Tuesday, July 12, 2011

new sculpted nails

So I've been trying my hand at sculpted nails.  For those that are not familiar with this process it's where a removable nail form is used instead of a glue on tip to form your nails.  I did ours in acrylic but I've seen it done with gels as well.  This past weekend I did my daughter's and myself using a combo of Organic Nails Products and the Rock Star nails glitter mixes with some decorations thrown in from Designer Nail Supply.  I've been watching tutorials on You Tube of Organic Nails educators and they just do the most fantastically gorgeous designs!  If you haven't seen them I highly recommend you go look for them on YT.  I've learned some great techniques from them as well as tutorials from Greg at Young Nails (also on YT).  So like I said I tried my hand this weekend on me and my daughter's and I'm pleased.  What do you think?
my nails

my daughter's

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