Thursday, November 18, 2010

Couple of new acrylic designs

Included in this post is a couple of new designs and a couple of just simple white tipped nails I did today.  I've been practicing Young Nails techniques after watching and re-watching their you tube videos.  I'll tell ya, I love Young Nails' vids.  Sooo educational!   I just want to share that I ordered some products from Sheba Nails and I am pleased with them.  They shipped really fast, no hassle and they even sent me a couple of little baggies of new nail art to try.  The "Mardi Gras" nail I have pictures of below has been made with some of this.  It's like little chunks of rock glitter type of stuff.  I'm sorry I don't know the actual name of what it is but they refer to it on their site as Rainbow Disco Ball.  They also sent me some little flowers I will soon incorporate into some design.  I love Sheba nails!  They are inexpensive and offer loads of different nail art things.  I also ordered from Beautywests site and they shipped within a week.  I bought my nsi liquid and transparent pink powder from them.  I'm pleased with their customer service as well.  So I recommend both of these online stores.  Just click on their names in this post and you will be linked to them. Hope you enjoy.  Till next time.

This angle to show thickness of nails

Red and gold glitter

Red and gold glitter with ring finger in only gold

This is my "Mardi gras" nail

Simple white tip with glitter dots embellishmements

Mardi Gras design

Simple pink and white

Mardi gras design


  1. Thanks for your comment Starlight. I like these Christmas-y to me.

  2. The glitter is so pretty, and I love the mardi-gras design.