Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween designs and miscellaneous stuff

Ok so today I was inspired by some you tube gals who do great nail tutorials and I broke down and started to try my hand at some Halloween designs.  I have sort of a mish-mash of a post today because it encompasses some of the designs I've attempted so far and also a sort-of review on China Glaze Awakening collection as well as a few words about the online nail supply store EZ Nails. 
Let me start with the EZ Nails thing.  Now I have ordered one or two other times from them and received ok service.  I ordered a lot of my acrylic nail supplies from them and was very satisfied.  This time....sadly, is not the same.  About two and a half weeks ago I ordered the three China Glaze Awakening colors from them and after two weeks I emailed them (last weekend) with an inquiry as to where my order might I hadn't received it nor any word from them.  In their behalf, I received a quick response reply from them this past Monday telling me that these colors were popular and they'd just received another shipment and my order was being shipped.  I was happy. Well this morning they finally arrived (Fed Ex) and when I opened it I immediately saw they didn't send me "Zombie Zest"...I was sent some nameless CG clear/gold glitter polish.  I was not happy.  So I've sent off a stern email to poor Stephanie (who emailed me on Monday) of EZ Nails stating my disappointment.  I thought of sending it back but don't want to have to pay for more shipping.  I'm hoping they do the right thing and send me the correct color. 
Now the CG Awakening colors I did receive:  Mummy May I and Ick-a-bod-y were true to color as far as I can tell as compared to other bloggers' pics.  I've swatched them on some fake nail tips as my own nails are under repair as you may know from a previous post.   I like these two colors.  My teen daughter will love them.  Out of the two I received I like Mummy May I the best.  I just prefer purple right now.

The other pics I am going to post are of a couple nail designs I did today.  Some are on acrylic and some are just over polish.  I hope you enjoy.

Mummy May I and Ick-a-bod-y.  1 coat SV topcoat taken outdoors and overcast

black holo glitter acrylic mix on nail tip as base with black widow spider made of black acrylic w/ red swarovski crystal

orange glitter acrylic on nail as base w/ painted black web

Mummy May I with web painted on top

This is a purple glitter acrylic mix (I know, in sun it looks pinky) w/Jack Skellington character (my daughter loves that movie)

CG Mummy may I and Ick-a-bod-y and the "bogus" polish I got instead of Zombie Zest   

Until next time.


  1. Looks like they sent you Golden Enchantment instead?? I hope you finally got your Zombie Zest...

  2. Yes I finally got Zombie Zest from them....about two weeks ago! I had originally wanted it for Halloween of course. I ended up finally finding it at my local Sally's store. So now I have two! :o)
    I accidentally deleted your other comment but to answer: I do have a couple of posts to do but haven't gotten around to them yet. Hopefully within the next couple of days. Thank you for visiting and commenting.